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Hi, I'm Zacharias Manuel

Technology Enthusiast

A technophile by nature, my passion lies at the convergence of technology and entrepreneurship whereby the power of each comes together to create positive impacts in the world. And yes, I am absolutely excited by the possibilities of AI.

Professionally, I have worn many hats. This has ranged from starting out as a software developer to working alongside the founders at Startup Village, a first of its kind startup incubator. Along the way, I also enjoyed pushing my skills and cracking challenges to co-create Fin, a wearable smart ring that reads finger gestures to control electronic devices. As a firm believer in the inherent faculty of communities, I co-founded Google Developer Group Cochin and led Blackberry’s Innovation Zone, Rubus Labs. Currently, I am steering the engineering team of Tricog, one of the largest names in predictive healthcare analytics in the world.

When I’m not sweating my brain on a 20% project that makes life easier, you could find me offroading along the hillsides of my native town or tapping my feet to some good music!

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